Five different ways to express what you don’t say aloud

The relative young (french) discipline synergology fills up the gap in the scientific world of body language. It is the logical consequence of systematic research, integration of other disciplines and digitalization of information in this new era.

Synergologie comes from Syn (together), Ergo (in the move) and Logos (logic). Developed in the middle ’90’s by the french P.Turchet, synergologie offers content to body language and explains its meanings, especially interesting at moments we do not talk during the conversation. Body language is the emotion shown by the body and a direct result of brain activity.

Body language is the most important out of five categories of non verbal communication: periverbal time and space (ex: a phone-conversation), paraverbal: the use of the voice (ex: tone, timbre, intonation), infraverbal: subliminal reality (ex: colours, smell), supraverbal: conscious signals (ex: a costume), préverbal: body language (the field of synergology)

Over Gérard Stokkink

Gerard Stokkink, ass.professor & lecturer body language & non verbal communication
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